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Introductions and Healing Stories
Introduce yourself, or tell us your healing story.

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Birth Stories
If you feel ready, share your birth story.

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Off Topic Conversations
A space designed for mamas to connect about every day life, outside of birth trauma. Post your questions regarding technical help and suggestions for improving our forum here.

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Creative Expression
Using creative expression to heal from birth trauma can be very therapeutic. This forum is an area where you can share your expressions with us, whether they be poems, short stories, artwork, body art, photography, videography, music, dance, etc.

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     When Trauma Occurs

Abusive Birthing Environment
Sometimes called Birth Rape. This can take place in a hospital with a vaginal or cesarean birth, at a home birth, during a home birth transfer, during the postpartum period, and includes being forced or manipulated into medical procedures.

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Physically and/or Emotionally Difficult Birth
Emotional trauma can occur during a medically difficult birth, when the baby is in the NICU, or when the baby dies before, during or shortly after birth, when pain overwhelms or with an indicated Cesarean.

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Trauma Triggered by Previous Abuse
When pregnancy, labor or birth triggers a childhood trauma, domestic violence, physical abuse or sexual abuse.

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     Areas of Impact: Issues and Healing

Post Partum Mood Disorders
PTSD, PPD, Anxiety, Intrusive Thoughts, Escaping: Self Destructive Behavior

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Physical Issues and Recovery
Including breastfeeding issues, injury to child or mother, recovery from surgery, reproductive and future physical birthing concerns.

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Personal Issues and Healing
Emotional and psychological issues with self; confidence, esteem, and sense of self.

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The Birth Mourning Process
adoration, disbelief, sadness for naiveté, anger and blame, sadness for experience, reframing, acceptance, assimilation and preparation

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Spiritual issues and questioning, as well as spiritual approaches to healing, including yoga, meditation, prayer, and so on.

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Relationships and Social Situations
Challenges and growth with partner, family & friends, care providers and institutions, as well as other mothers and groups. Including mother-child bonding issues, the baby’s emotional trauma, and how to start the healing process for the baby.

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     Getting Further Help: Professional and Informal

Therapy: Professional and Self Help
Deciding to seek professional therapy and how to find a therapist. Types of Therapy: Traditional Talk Therapy, EMDR, EFT, Art Therapy, Writing or Journaling, Acupuncture, Craniosacral, Re-birthing and more.

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Medications: Prescriptions and Supplements
Supplements: herbal remedies, homeopathy, dietary changes. Allopathic Medications: SSRIs, anti-psychotic, anti-anxiety medications.

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     Ongoing Issues: Anniversaries and Future Births

Telling The Story
Telling your story so others can understand, telling your child their birth story, explaining the birth to child and others.

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The Anniversary Effect
Coping with birthdays, the anniversary of trauma.

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Planning the Next Birth
Considering different options, choosing the next birth setting, how things will be different, how to prevent abuse from occurring again, and being prepared for a variety of outcomes.

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     Taking Action

Debriefing and Taking Formal Action
Talking with Doctors, Midwives, Doulas, or other Care Providers after birth, requesting and viewing medical records, etc. writing letters, filing complaints, contacting patient representative, attorneys.

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Becoming a birth activist, leading support groups, joining volunteer organizations, networking.

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A List of Resources for Birth Trauma
Updated regularly, please add more!

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Conferences, Seminars and Trainings
Educational meetings discussing birth trauma, post partum mood disorders, prevention and healing.

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